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The Columbia Icefields

Recently I had a chance to spend a night at the Columbia Icefields. Weather is always unpredictable because the glacier makes its own weather. I was lucky enough to get an amazing sunrise during my visit!

Here is a couple shots from my visit. Expect more from this area. I will be heading back soon!!

Mt. Athabasca, icefields parkway

Mt. Athabasca in the glow of mornign light!

Mt. Athabasca, glacier, icefields

Firery morning light is in the sky all around Athabasca Glacier.

Mt. Athabasca, icefields

Morning glow still blanketing the clouds and mountain snow.

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Winter Recap

Wow what a busy winter! So busy in fact this photo blog got slightly neglected. Here is a recap of some of my favourite images from the 2011/2012 winter season.


Heat of Winter – Moose Meadows

Fire and Ice – Vermilion Lakes, Banff

Morning Star – Cascade Meadows

Nuclear – Lake Minnewanka

Light On Castle – Castle Mountain

Kootenay Morning – Stanley Glacier

Lots of opportunities for stars and northern lights this winter also.

Spun – Lake Minnewanka

Dancing Auroras – Lake Minnewanka

Dancing In The Moonlight – Exshaw, AB

This winter I also had many great wildlife encounters that I have never experienced before.

Sticks For Breakfast – Banff National Park

River Otter – Revelstoke, BC

Basking In Morning Light

Intense Gaze – Banff National Park


What a great winter and so far spring has been shaping up for some great photos too!

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2011, A Year In Review

2011 has been a whirl win of a year for me.
My New Years resolution was to concentrate more seriously on my photography and pursue me dreams.
The start of the year brought me new experiences and encounters with the majestic Niagara Falls.

Morning Glow

The spring brought a big change. I moved across the country to live my dreams in the dreamiest place in Canada., in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Lake Louise, Alberta.  I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last 8 and a half months exploring my beautiful new home.

Ice Climbers


Valley Rainbows

Wildflower Morn

One Sweet Day

Goodbye Day

Sundance Ridge

Kiss Of Light

Winter Wonderland


Expect 2012 to be even better! Many new places to go, mountains to climb and backcountry to explore!!

Have a Happy New Year!! Hope it is all you want it to be!!



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First Time Exploring Mountain Stars

In the wee hours of the morning on May 10th I set out to Lake Louise to check out the star scene. It had been snowing or cloudy during 99% of the evenings since I arrived and it happened perfectly that the night sky was mainly clear and I had no work the next day.

This was mainly a fact finding mission, trying to find the best location and direction to shoot. While experimenting I noticed the moon wasn’t  distracting me with its bright blinding light anymore. I looked over and saw the moon was setting and giving Mt. Whyte a great halo!

Twinkle - Moon set and stars over Mt. Whyte and the Victoria Glacier

Standing looking up at the stars was surreal. I had never seen soo many stars before. No haze, no light pollution, no anything to hinder the perfection of the night. This so much different then Ontario where you have to drive several hours away due north from home to get away from the spreading light pollution.

My last shot of the night before I headed inside with paranoia of bears coming out to investigate my presence.  A 5 minute exposure capturing star trails and faint remnants of the milky way.

lake louise stars

We Dance - small star trails in Lake Louise

Many more star exploring to do!


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A Day At The Lake

Finally a nice snowless day in Lake Louise, and it just happened to be my day off. On April 29th, I took it as a sign to get out and explore the lake. So that is what I did. I decided to walk across the frozen lake which was surprisingly long. Almost 45 minutes walking at a good pace.

lake louise, frozen, winter

Dani walking on top of frozen Lake Louise

There is somewhat of an illusion when walking away from the shore. Of course the hotel gets smaller as you go farther away from it, but the ski hill a ways away behind the hotel gets bigger! Every time I looked back it was like the mountain was growing. At one point I had to stop looking back!

Lake Louise ski hill growing behind the Chateau Lake Louise

Lake Louise ski hill growing behind the Chateau Lake Louise

Once I got to the end of the lake I found small streams of water cutting through the several feet of snow. I followed some footprints to the edge. As I was trying to find a spot to compose an image, I ended up stepping on some not previously walked on snow. I fell right through it! Luckly only one leg went down and I only ended up sitting on the snow and now 6 feet below in water. Good thing about being short my leg wasn’t long enough to hit the water at the bottom.  While trying to make my way back to the safe snow I fell through again. Getting my leg eaten my snow was fun, but I had to go and take some pictures! So I quickly got out of the danger zone and on to real land!

I started to follow the Plain of Six Glaciers trail.

Plain of Six Glaciers in lake louise

On the Plain of Six Glaciers trail

I did not venture too far into the trail. I only went 30 minutes in on the trail as I knew that trail was several hours and I had only brought enough water for a couple hours. On my way out, I noticed snow still on this side of the trees. The snow was already gone from the side I saw on the hike.

lake louse

Wonderland in the unseen Lake Louise Wilderness

I really wanted to show this area to its fullest and single frames didn’t seem to capture the vastness of this place. So I took a 35 image panorama. This place is beautiful in the winter and not a lot of people get to see it. I feel luck I got to walk across the lake as today, 2 weeks later, it is melting.
I will be exploring this area again once the snow is gone and I can actually see the solid ground! Very much looking forward to that.

lake louise panorama

Lake Louise 35 image Panorama - 360 degree view


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First Sunset

After days and days of snow filled mornings and evenings, it was nice to finally have a real sunset. I had set out 2 hours before sunset to scout locations to take my photos, but without a car and being in such a mountainous area it was slow going. No matter where I went I could not find what I wanted. Couldn’t go very far as I would have had to walk home in the dark in a fairly unfamiliar area with active grizzly bears. I ended up heading back to my apartment just as the sun was setting and was surprised by the view from the top of the stairs on the other side of the building. My balcony and stairs face the mountains for sunrise. I just sat out there freezing my buns off waiting for things to glow.

Waputik Peak in the Lake Louise Bow Valley Area. 2755 m / 9038 ft

This was a great start to my photography experience here in Lake Louise.


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Ice Climbers

Back on April 17, we were driving to Emerald Lake (which we never got to) and the Natural Bridge when my friend Grant who was driving informed me that these frozen waterfalls we had been seeing on the sides of the mountains, that people actually climb them. Which this information I started to look closer at the next one we were passing. Low and behold I see what looks like ants climbing the frozen waterfall.

ice climbers iron curtain yoho

Ice climbers on the Iron Curtain in Yoho National Park, BC

The waterfall is actually the Iron Curtain which after some googling is a very popular spot to ice climb. This waterfall is not close to the ground which is what I’m used to seeing in Ontario. This was half way up a mountainside! Very cool!

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The Big Move!!

So 2 weeks ago I landed in Calgary and started my new adventures in the west of Canada. I have been living and working Lake Louise. The remoteness of this location is excellent.

Even tho this lake has been photographed to death, I feel living here I should be able to fine unique times and location and get some original images.

Keep your eyes opened for new updates with lots of new images!!


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YES!! They are finally here!!

This year’s is a special Canadian Edition.
Inside you will find 13 spectacular images from Canada’s famous wilderness and coast lines. Travel across Canada through photos every month of the year.

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Go West Trip Journal – The Grant Days

June 17th

This was Grant and I’s first morning together of our 5 day tour/adventure. The morning was cold and cloudy as usual in Banff. We spent the morning in my favourite place, the Vermilion Lakes. Yet again it did not disappoint. My first morning in Banff the previous week was very similar to this morning, but this morning was more perfect. We both found the lake we liked for foreground and jumped out of Grant’s car and started shooting. I went off to one area with some boggy ground that I could swear I was going to fall through while shooting, but it never did.
After getting all the comps I could possibly get from that area I met up with Grant again after he did his own shooting thing and we moved to another lake. This time I didn’t get too much but Grant got a pretty awesome panorama shot. (Grant’s panorama can be found here:

On schedule for the day was Johnston Canyon. On our drive there we came across a bull elk and 2 females in a field. After the 2 females got scared and left the bell elk just stood there licking himself in inappropriate places. It was quite funny.
So on to Johnston Canyon we went. This was my first time there and Grant’s 8th  time, so I looked to him for advice on shooting the area. The water was a gorgeous colour and the canyon itself was spectacular. It was really hard to get everything i wanted into the frame while leaving everything I didn’t want out.

After Johnston Canyon we drove back to Banff to our camp site. Great site actually. While sitting at the fire we saw a herd of elk pass by along with a Canada Parks employee and 2 herding dogs. lol We found it funny that they were herding the wild elk.. lol Shortly after that 3 deer came to visit us and grazed within a couple trees from us. This time I grabbed my camera and got a picture of Grant and the deers.
Then off to sleep we went.

Vermilion Morning

Vermilion Morning - Vermilion Lakes, Banff

Rising Clouds Falling Rain

Rising Clouds Falling Rain - Vermilion Lakes, Banff

Hey Dani.. SMILE

Hey Dani.. SMILE - A photo Grant took of me - Vermilion Lakes

Funny Elk on the way to Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon

Grant and the deer - Banff

June 18t

This morning we decided not to get up for sunrise (which there wasn’t much of one). After packing up our gear we went to the Hoodoos in Banff. On the list for the day was Takkakaw Falls, Lake Louise and Lake Moraine.  The water levels at Lake Moraine were higher then they were when I was there just the week before. Many places where I had stood before were now under water. Grant and I walked along the shore and watched the MANY chipmunks running around with every step we took. The water was beautiful, but not the epic blue/green as it would have been if the sun would have been out.

On the way to Takkakaw in Yoho National Park, we stopped at these railway tunnels in the mountains called The Spiral Tunnels! No trains came through while we were there but it was still cool to see. . A beautiful falls that just keeps getting more breathtaking the closer you get to it. When we got to the base of it, I found a rock and just sat there watching it and pondering life. It felt like a great place to do it.

This night we were camping in Lake Louise. As we entered the campgrounds we noticed 1 big difference between this one and the Banff one the previous night. Bear Fences. Lake Louise campground has bigass bear fences. There is a grizzly family that frequents the Lake Louise area and many many black bears. So they needed the fences. The crows reallllly liked our campsite that night, it could have been our awesome PC White Cheddar Mac and Cheese that they wanted.

We decided to go to lake Louise for sunset. There wasn’t much of one, but we got some great moody shots of the lake which made them different then the usual tourist shot. There was a lone red canoe out in the lake that made for some great photo opts. Grant found a way around the boat house so we could get better comps of this canoe. Once again I found myself on boggy ground. I think Grant even ended up with a soaker.

The next morning we went to Lake Louise for sunrise.. but I will save that story for the next blog. 😛


Adrift - Lake Louise

An Inukshuk at Lake Moraine

Takkakaw Falls

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