Posted by: danilefrancois | February 25, 2010

Niagara Falls In The Winter

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Canada (and USA), and most of the tourist season is spring, summer, fall. There isnt much traffic in the winter so it is up to us locals to keep the place alive.!

Winter in Niagara Falls is my personal favourite out of all the seasons. The snow, the contrast of the water and the soft winter light is always sooo beautiful. Not to mention the lack of tourists so its easy to get around and park.

At the beginning of this month I got my drivers license so now my photography limitations on locations has been lifted. This month I got up bright and early before the sun even rose. Checked outside to make sure it wasnt too cloudy, I saw stars so I was happy (it was supposed to be overcast). I got my stuff ready and was out of the door by 5:40am. Swung by the mandatory Tim Horton’s for my morning cup of French Vanilla cappuccino and I was on the highway heading to the Falls.
It was still dark so i couldnt see the falls when I got there. I found the parking lot. No parking between midnight and 6am, I look at my clock… 6:06am and it was FREE.. awesome!

I gathered my stuff form the car, walked across the new foot bridge over the roadway and walked through the building and exited right beside the falls. Took 2 steps and promptly fell on a patch of black ice in the shadows on a brick sidewalk. I managed to scrape my knee, but i did NOT spill my coffee! So after my fall that no one saw i set my camera up and took some test shots of the falls at night. Didn’t work out as i hopped. Since i had the place to myself, which was an eerie feeling, i had any and all vantage points covered. I found my spot, took some panos and then waited for sunrise… which was at 7:08am.

I always enjoy my time at Niagara Falls. I recommend if you want a unique view of the falls that not everyone gets to see, I say go in the winter!



  1. *stalks* Still awesome =)

  2. great pictures, im a fan

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