Posted by: danilefrancois | April 14, 2010

Gone Birding

For the last 3 days I have dedicated my mornings to go birding. I went to a fairly well known area of the city, that is always full of birds and wildlife. Each day brought new things to see.


The Red Wing Black Birds were in high attendance and were VERY vocal. I was happy to see them low in the trees so I could get some decent shots. Along with the many Canada Geese, I saw a Song Sparrow which was a new one for me. I also got the chance to see a Kingfisher flying, and a Wood Duck flying. Over all for the first morning being there it was a pretty good day.


I had to work in the morning, so I wasn’t able to get out to the pond till after noon. I wasn’t expecting to photograph much. I was mainly going to see if there is any different kinds of animals that are out at that time of day. Well at that time of day the turtles are out, and oh boy do they take over the place. There was probably close to 200 turtles. I had got 39 turtles in one shot. Since it was midday, the lighting wasn’t the most friendly.


This morning I once again went back to the pond, this time there was actually cars in the parking lot which was a surprise. So I unpacked my stuff started walking down to the pond when I noticed another big lens in the distance. I went over and said hi and to see what he was shooting. Turns out there was a Teal on the other side of the pond. He let me look through his lens (he said he was shooting at 850mm, totally dwarfed my 100-400L) It was pretty cool to see the Teal, as I had never seen one before. About 45 minutes go buy and I was just about to head home when the bird I’ve been waiting to see for the last 3 days appeared. The Great Blue Heron. I stuck around and watched him fish for another 45 minutes. It was soo cool.

Photos of the GBH in next post.

❤ daniiiiii



  1. Wonderful photo of the Red Wing Blackbird. The clarity is wonderful and I like the bonus of the little spider web on the branch.

    • oh you saw that spider web ehh! i thought it was pretty good to get that in there also. thanx soo much for the comment..=D

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