Posted by: danilefrancois | July 30, 2010

Go West Trip Journal – Day 2

June 11th:

Another early 4:30am morning wake up for sunrise. On this morning my plans were to find another spot within Banff to take shots. We ended up at the parking lot area of the Banff Gondola which had an alright view of the town and mountains. As the sun started to rise I realized the comp just wasn’t going to work. We packed up everything quick fast and headed back to the Vermilion Lakes. The fog was thick in the valley. As we came around the first corner into the Vermilion Lakes area, we saw a herd of around 15 elk, including 5 elk calves crossing the road. We waited for them to get up on the hill before we passed them as to not scare them. We parked the car just past them and I got out and quietly set up. We watched them graze the hillside. One of the males kept his eye on me tho. No funny business! Took a bunch of shots of them in the fog and watched a calf nurse, which was pretty amazing! Got some foggy landscape shots before we left the lake area.

The sun still hadn’t fully risen yet so we decided to take the Trans Canada Highway towards Calgary to find some mountain ranges we saw coming into Banff. We ended up stopping on the side of the road and just watching the sunlight bounce off the clouds  hovering over the dark mountain and fog covered valley.

That afternoon we took a trip to Lake Louise and Lake Moraine. Landscapes weren’t what I was looking for so I turned my concentration towards to birds. Saw many birds I have never seen before like the Steller’s Jay, Gray Jay and Clark’s Nutcracker. Lake Moraine’s water was very low due to the time of year we were there. When I went back less than a week later it was noticeably higher.

Headed back to Banff for the late afternoon and checked out the Hoodoos within Banff on Tunnel Mountain. Lighting wasn’t the best but the area was still picturesque. Next up was an evening gondola trip to the top of Sulphur Mountain.  We were planning on staying up there for sunset but the last gondola down was at 9pm and the sun sets at 10pm. We stayed until almost 8pm and the sun wasnt even close to setting. So that was a bit of a disappointment. There was a random rainbow in the valley while we were up there.

Spent part of the evening scouting sunset places but all the clouds started to runaway so we called it a night and went to sleep early in anticipation for another early morning.

Here are some photos from the second full day in the Canadian Rocky Mountains:

Among the Fog

Among The Fog - Elk at the Vermilion Lakes

From Highway 1

Shot from the Trans Canada Highway - Banff, Alberta

Lake Moraine

Lake Moraine

Clark's Nutcracker

Clark's Nutcracker - Lake Louise

Steller's Jay

Steller's Jay - Lake Louise

The Hoodoos

The Hoodoos - Banff, Alberta

Gray Jay

Gray Jay - On top of Sulpher Mountain, Banff, Alberta


Rainbow In The Mountains - Banff


Overview of The Town of Banff



  1. Amazing landscapes, Dani!
    And you capture them so well!

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