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Go West Trip Journal – The Grant Days

June 17th

This was Grant and I’s first morning together of our 5 day tour/adventure. The morning was cold and cloudy as usual in Banff. We spent the morning in my favourite place, the Vermilion Lakes. Yet again it did not disappoint. My first morning in Banff the previous week was very similar to this morning, but this morning was more perfect. We both found the lake we liked for foreground and jumped out of Grant’s car and started shooting. I went off to one area with some boggy ground that I could swear I was going to fall through while shooting, but it never did.
After getting all the comps I could possibly get from that area I met up with Grant again after he did his own shooting thing and we moved to another lake. This time I didn’t get too much but Grant got a pretty awesome panorama shot. (Grant’s panorama can be found here:

On schedule for the day was Johnston Canyon. On our drive there we came across a bull elk and 2 females in a field. After the 2 females got scared and left the bell elk just stood there licking himself in inappropriate places. It was quite funny.
So on to Johnston Canyon we went. This was my first time there and Grant’s 8th  time, so I looked to him for advice on shooting the area. The water was a gorgeous colour and the canyon itself was spectacular. It was really hard to get everything i wanted into the frame while leaving everything I didn’t want out.

After Johnston Canyon we drove back to Banff to our camp site. Great site actually. While sitting at the fire we saw a herd of elk pass by along with a Canada Parks employee and 2 herding dogs. lol We found it funny that they were herding the wild elk.. lol Shortly after that 3 deer came to visit us and grazed within a couple trees from us. This time I grabbed my camera and got a picture of Grant and the deers.
Then off to sleep we went.

Vermilion Morning

Vermilion Morning - Vermilion Lakes, Banff

Rising Clouds Falling Rain

Rising Clouds Falling Rain - Vermilion Lakes, Banff

Hey Dani.. SMILE

Hey Dani.. SMILE - A photo Grant took of me - Vermilion Lakes

Funny Elk on the way to Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon

Grant and the deer - Banff

June 18t

This morning we decided not to get up for sunrise (which there wasn’t much of one). After packing up our gear we went to the Hoodoos in Banff. On the list for the day was Takkakaw Falls, Lake Louise and Lake Moraine.  The water levels at Lake Moraine were higher then they were when I was there just the week before. Many places where I had stood before were now under water. Grant and I walked along the shore and watched the MANY chipmunks running around with every step we took. The water was beautiful, but not the epic blue/green as it would have been if the sun would have been out.

On the way to Takkakaw in Yoho National Park, we stopped at these railway tunnels in the mountains called The Spiral Tunnels! No trains came through while we were there but it was still cool to see. . A beautiful falls that just keeps getting more breathtaking the closer you get to it. When we got to the base of it, I found a rock and just sat there watching it and pondering life. It felt like a great place to do it.

This night we were camping in Lake Louise. As we entered the campgrounds we noticed 1 big difference between this one and the Banff one the previous night. Bear Fences. Lake Louise campground has bigass bear fences. There is a grizzly family that frequents the Lake Louise area and many many black bears. So they needed the fences. The crows reallllly liked our campsite that night, it could have been our awesome PC White Cheddar Mac and Cheese that they wanted.

We decided to go to lake Louise for sunset. There wasn’t much of one, but we got some great moody shots of the lake which made them different then the usual tourist shot. There was a lone red canoe out in the lake that made for some great photo opts. Grant found a way around the boat house so we could get better comps of this canoe. Once again I found myself on boggy ground. I think Grant even ended up with a soaker.

The next morning we went to Lake Louise for sunrise.. but I will save that story for the next blog. 😛


Adrift - Lake Louise

An Inukshuk at Lake Moraine

Takkakaw Falls



  1. Heh, I think you and I have sat on the exact same rock to take this picture. 😛

  2. See this is what happens when I post at 3am I forget details. 😛

    The one of Takkakaw Falls is what I was referring to.

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