Posted by: danilefrancois | May 13, 2011

A Day At The Lake

Finally a nice snowless day in Lake Louise, and it just happened to be my day off. On April 29th, I took it as a sign to get out and explore the lake. So that is what I did. I decided to walk across the frozen lake which was surprisingly long. Almost 45 minutes walking at a good pace.

lake louise, frozen, winter

Dani walking on top of frozen Lake Louise

There is somewhat of an illusion when walking away from the shore. Of course the hotel gets smaller as you go farther away from it, but the ski hill a ways away behind the hotel gets bigger! Every time I looked back it was like the mountain was growing. At one point I had to stop looking back!

Lake Louise ski hill growing behind the Chateau Lake Louise

Lake Louise ski hill growing behind the Chateau Lake Louise

Once I got to the end of the lake I found small streams of water cutting through the several feet of snow. I followed some footprints to the edge. As I was trying to find a spot to compose an image, I ended up stepping on some not previously walked on snow. I fell right through it! Luckly only one leg went down and I only ended up sitting on the snow and now 6 feet below in water. Good thing about being short my leg wasn’t long enough to hit the water at the bottom.  While trying to make my way back to the safe snow I fell through again. Getting my leg eaten my snow was fun, but I had to go and take some pictures! So I quickly got out of the danger zone and on to real land!

I started to follow the Plain of Six Glaciers trail.

Plain of Six Glaciers in lake louise

On the Plain of Six Glaciers trail

I did not venture too far into the trail. I only went 30 minutes in on the trail as I knew that trail was several hours and I had only brought enough water for a couple hours. On my way out, I noticed snow still on this side of the trees. The snow was already gone from the side I saw on the hike.

lake louse

Wonderland in the unseen Lake Louise Wilderness

I really wanted to show this area to its fullest and single frames didn’t seem to capture the vastness of this place. So I took a 35 image panorama. This place is beautiful in the winter and not a lot of people get to see it. I feel luck I got to walk across the lake as today, 2 weeks later, it is melting.
I will be exploring this area again once the snow is gone and I can actually see the solid ground! Very much looking forward to that.

lake louise panorama

Lake Louise 35 image Panorama - 360 degree view



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